ZGTS Derma Roller 192 Needles


High Quality Titanium Micro Needle Roller System (RoHS CE Approved) Packing With Sealing Sterilization Packaging It is a supplemental beauty tool that is ideal for non-surgical treatment of various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles,stretching), scarring (acne, surgical), and hyperpigmentation. The ZGTS Needle roller is the most popular needle roller in professinoal clinics,with an extended life span and moreeffective treatment
Durable Titianium Needles. Strong Handel. Aesthetically.

Features & Specifications

1. Anti-Hair Removal
2. Blood Vessels Removal
3. Cellulite Reduction, Dark Circles
4. Pigment Removal
5. Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss
6. Wrinkle Remover


1. Needle Count : 192 (8 disks x 24 needles)
2. Needle Length : 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm
3. Roller Color: Gold
4. Handle Color : Gold and Silver
5. Needle Material : Titanium 50% improvement of needle’s ,strength than a     normal material
6. Home Use/ Clinical Use/ Physician Use

ZGTS 540 Titanium Needles

Size: 37*37*33cm
Single one size: 16*7*7cm

  1. Use of the natural wound healing capabilities, will not be hardened skin or skin cells caused by contraction
  2. Micro-needles can make a large number of micro-channels and thus the effective active ingredient into the skin (just 5 minutes to use, can create more than 200,000 microporous)
  3. Microneedle roller significant efficacy, safe, reliable, simple. No side effects
  4. The use of micro-needles after treatment care simple, general outdoor activities can be carried out, including the sun (Note: must be coated with sunscreen)
  5. Microneedle design over-intensive, the needle with the needle only 0.3mm apart to achieve the best wound healing effect, there is no comparable to a product in the market.By rolling the microneedle roller on the skin, micro punctures and channels are created. may remove the epidermis the cutin, simultaneously will induce under the corium layer the growth factor production, the stimulation collagen, the Elastic tissue and the textile fiber metrocyte proliferation, will achieve the rejuvenation effect, and will induct each nutrient content the corium layer.

Use Methods For Size:
0.2 mm
Skin Restoration,
lmprove Alopecia,
Homecare Therapy,
Active ingredient delivery

Skin Whitening,
lmprove skin pigmentation,
lmprove wrinkle (eye area),
lmprove Alopecia,
Collagen Induction,
Drug delivery

1.0 mm
lmprove Wrinkle,
Collagen Induction,
lmprove Skin Scar,
Cellulite treatment,
Skin Thickness,
Face Firming,
Face Body Lifting

1.5 mm
Pregnancy lines
Thick wrinkle
Large pore

Dark sore concavex hole
Pimple scar
Severe decline of elasticity

DNS 192 Needles Titanium

DNS 192 Derma Roller


Derma roller192 uses a knead rod inlayed with numbers of needles,combining with functional nutrition liquid, regularly rolling in the places which needed to cure.It can puncture more than 300,000 micro vessels on the epidermis within five minutes,forming an efficient nutrient delivery system between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue. Then the nutrition liquid can entry into skin effectively.Thus the effect of skin care become more perfect. Microneedle therapy is effective, safe and reliable.It is convenient to operate the microneedle. You can use it in outdoor activities including basking,but please note anti-sunburn supplies are needed.

Features & Specifications

1. Anti-Hair Removal, Anti-Puffiness
2. Blood Vessels Removal, Breast Enhancers
3. Cellulite Reduction, Dark Circles
4. Moisturizer, Pigment Removal
5. Skin Rejuvenation, Weight Loss
6. Whitening, Wrinkle Remover, scar remover,Black eye remove


1. Rejuvenates skin, promotes pores and skin elasticity, will increase skin thickness
2. All kinds of skin are suitable.
3. The effective are noticeable
4. Process will not be painful
5. Can be used by yourself anytime at your personal convenience
6. Size:0.2mm,0.25mm,0.3mm,0.5mm,0.75mm,