Portable IPL Hair Removal

Product Specification :

Portable IPL Hair Removal

Features of Hair Removal:

Superlong service life :
   Mini IPL Stylight has two free switch tips it records the tip's life automatically.Once the tip runs out,the machine will alarming timely.

Huge Spot Size:
   7Cm2 big spot size the biggest spot size mini IPL Beauty product in the world. Using advanced coating technology filters 98% harmful light.

Enough energy:
   Enough energy density (7J/cm2) ensures the fast effective treatment result, while the low energy density (4J/cm2)similar products in the market could not reach an ideal treatment.

Professional treatment result:
   Permanent hair removal : The Growth cycle of unwanted hair becomes longer; The grow back unwanted hair becomes lighter and less; After 7-8 times, 99% unwanted hair will not grow back;continuous using keeps permanent hair removal.

   Skin Rejuvenation : One time treatement skin becomes whiter and lighter ;several times treatment ,Wrinkle removal, Freckle removal , skin retains effective improvement (tighter, more elastic , younger ).

Safety Protection design :
   It takes skin contacting detection system.Make tip contacts skin , then click button ,the machine and light works ; if not ,click the button , no light.

10 Level Energy :
   It has 10 adjustable energy level. choosing different operation energy level according to self needs and tolerance.Due to needs to design , ensuring the safety and treatment effectiveness of customer.

Needn't any Gel :
   Only need to cut the unwanted hair to 2-3mm before treatement, no need to use gel ,cream etc ; low consumables.

Advantages :

1. Only take physical technology , no any chemical substance, no any side effects.
2. 50000 shot super service life meets the needs of hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
3. Professional treatment effect, only one course stops 90% unwanted hair growing back.
4. Needn't any gel - the world's first no need of medium IPL beauty machine.
5. CE, RoHS, FCC, PSE approved.
6. Micro-design, used at home, salon, Spa, gift.
7. Skin contacting detection system - avoid unintentional injury.
8. ABS injection molding, beautiful appearance.

Why need to remove the dead skin?

Corneous layer is the thickest in the skin , also is the dead cell. If aging cutin cannot fall of in time, the corneous layer becomes thick, so the skin tarnishes, meanwhile, not easy to absorb nutrients. It uses Ultrasonic to clean the skin. Nourish the skin and hair follicles with clarifying location firstly, and then using 23000-27000 times / sec shovel type ultrasonic vibration makes clarifying location become thin and atomized. Therefore, all dirt, greases, acarid, aged cell/cutin, wrinkle, black spot, acne and toxin would be removed with splashing.

Why it can do skincare introduction?

Using 23000-27000 times / sec shovel type ultrasonic vibration makes skincare goes deep into the pores. And the vibration produces warm effect, improving blood circulation, lymph metabolism, and nutrition absorption of skin. Then you will get a bright, lustrous, and elastic skin.

Ultrasonic features :

1. Long Operating Life.
2. Stable high-power output.
3. The world's first design in cooperative work between Blue Light and Red light.
4. Deep clean and skincare induction.
5. Temperature controlling system of handpiece.
6. Double buttons and ergonomic design.

Technical Specification :

Working mode  :  1. HR (hair removal) 2. SR (skin rejuvenation)
Tip kinds             :  2 kinds
Spectra scope    :  530nm~1100nm/650nm~1100nm
Tip size                :  4.4cm*1.6cm
Energy density   : 0 ~ 7J/cm2
Pulse number     :  2(HR) /5 (SR)
Energy level        :  1~ 10