Pinxpl Micro Needle and Fractinal RF

Pinxel Micro Needle and Fractional RF System

Micro Needle RF head

Micro Needle RF head for deep wrinkles, scar, acne & Strech marks removal

Fractional Rf head

Fractional RF head for skin tightening & Skin whiting

Negative Bar

Negative Bar, combine with Micro Needle RF head for body wrinkles removal


Max. Energy50W
SwitchFoot switch
Weight 20Kg
Display10.4 inch LCD
Depth of  Needle0.5 - 3 mm (Adjustable)
Total RF Treatment Level upto level 10
System Type

Mono & Biploar RF

Biploar RF

Electrical RequirementsAC/100-240 V,50-60Hz
Disposable Tip

Micro-electrode needle

Micro-electrode tip

Dual Operation Mode

Fractional RF Micro-needle

Fractional RF Sub-lative


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