Coin Massage Chair


1. Lying angle automatic setting: After inserting coins, the back rest and legs will be positioned automatically at a comfortable angle.

2. The massage chair will revert to the original position after the set time.

3. There is an attached manual controller for setting coin number and massage duration.

4. The total number of coins inserted and total massage duration may be displayed.

5. Vibrating massage: The seat cushion with 2 vibrating-massage balls.

6. Massage rollers in the back.

7. Massage modes: Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knocking, and synchronously kneading/tapping.

8. Upper body: Automatic massage and Manual massage.

9. Airbag massage: 3 airbags in the seat cushion, 8 airbags in the calves. Two massage strengths are available. 10. Coin selectors and bill selectors for receiving notes and coins from various countries may be equipped.

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