Co2 Fractional Laser

Product Specifications:

Co2 Fractional Laser

Main Features :

7 Treatment Shape :
       The Shape is adjustable to be bigger or smaller during treatement of laser shotting         on skin.

3 Scanning Method :
       Specially we uniquely develop out The Maximum distance scanning method that minimized the hiperpigmentation.

Advantages :

    1. German TUV Medical CE approbed. 10.6um wavelength Laser. 30 Watt System.
    2. Scanning treatement model for all possible aesthetic treatment .
    3. It adopts Ultra Pulse, Super Pulse and Continuous Wave in surgical mode.
    4. Releases micro-sized Laser beams punched into the skin, which gives strong dryablation & mild thermal damage.
    5. Small spot sizes that embody fractional beams arrangments for skin remolding will reduce downtime and minimize possible pigmentation and pain.
    6. Air Jets design eliminates smoke and provides cooling effect at the process of treatement to increase the patient comfort.

Specification :

Wavelength 10.600nm
Controller 8.4" color touch LCD screen
Pulsed radiofrequency 0.530 W
Working State Ultra Pulse Mode
Average Power 30 W
Scan Pattern Square,rectangle,round, triangle,oval,6-diamond shape, line or customized graphics
Scan Pattern Size 0.1x0.1 mm- 20x20mm
Scan Mode Free scan,Sequence Scan , maximum distance scan
Spot Size >-0.2 mm at the focus
Pulse Duration 0.1-10 ms adjustable
Spot Distance 0.1-2.6 mm adjustable
Pulse Energy(power) 1 mJ to 100 mJ adjustable on LCD Screen
Interval between scanning 0-6s
Laser apparatus Sealed off laser deveice stimulated by direct current
Condenser Focus f=50mm
Beam divergence angle 0.3 mrad
Aiming beam 635 infrared ray
Beam transport device 7 articular optical arm
Cooling System Water + Air
Program Language English
Dimension of Machine 53x57x138cm
Dimension of package 64x68x151cm
N.W 55 kg
G.W 79 kg
Packing aluminum alloy case
Volatge 220V/110V