Cryolipolysis slimming machine

Product Specifications:

Cryolipolysis slimming machine

Advantages :

    1.The advanced slimming equipment, long lasting effects.

    2.Two cryo treatment probes, for accurate treatments for all parts. Medical standard silica gel material, feels soft and comfortable.

    3.the multi-frequency of cavitation is the latest ultrasonic cavitation technology, melting the freezing solidified fat cells from different directions.

    4. Three pcs of color touch LCD display, interactive adjustment and make the operation more convenient (time saving)

    5.Automatic adjustment of vacuum pressure control, very little sound at work.

    6.The unique design, enhance market competitiveness.

    7.Achieve high returns with low investment, comprehensive solution to a real, long-term slimming.

Application :

    ● body thinner, skin tightening
    ● Fat reduction
    ● Body slimming, body shaping
    ● To promote and accelerate the body s metabolism

Specifiaction :

Power Supply Output 1000W
Ultrasonic Frequency 40.5KHz + 28.5 KHz
Ultrasonic Power 1-50W/㎝²
Handpiece Number 3 handpieces
H 1:small cryolipolysis handle, accurate treatments for all parts
H2:big cryolipolysis handle, effective slimming for big area
H 3:multi-frequency ultrasonic cavitation treatment, for the treatment of rigid block fat dissolved into small particles
Cooling System water + wind + semiconductor +antifreeze membrane
Skin Cooling: ≤0-10C
LCD Display 3 Displays
Display 1: 11” color touch LCD display
Display 2: 3.5” color touch LCD display
Display 3: 3.5” color touch LCD display
Language English or customized
Working Time continuously / time setting
Cooling Temperature Adjustable
N.W 28kg
G.W 65kg
Dimension of machine 40x55x107cm
Dimension of package 58x68x122cm+25x55x30cm
voltage 220V/110V