Massage Chair U- Relax


Luxury Music Massage Chair (massage sofa, electric massage chair with MP3 player, shiatsu massage equipment)

1. Four-wheel driven massage mechanism, which can move upward and downward.

2. Automatically scanning the massage point of the upper body and shoulder, and it can be adjustable.

3. Programmed with five kinds of emulation massage functions of Shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and synchronous kneading & flapping.

4. Automatic massage for the upper body. (Three optional areas: the upper body, the shoulder and neck and the back and waist)

5. Offers manual massage for the upper body with three options of the overall, fixed and partial area with five levels of speed respectively.Under the Massage modes of flapping, shiatsu and knocking the width between the two massage hands can be adjusted in three levels of wide, middle and narrow.

6. Two ways of air pressure massage function, one airbag on both side of the seat cushion, one in the center; when the center airbag is working, the center vibration motor works too.

7. Two ways of vibration massage function, one on both side of the seat cushion, two strengths available.

8. Seven ways of air pressure massage function in lower body two strengths are available.

9. Armrest air pressure massage.

10. Mp3 music function.

11. Handheld jade heating function.

12. Massage state memory function.

13. Heating function in Backrest

14. Lying angle adjustment function; Calf rest reclining and declining function; Backrest reclining and declining function.

15. Automatically sitting up function of the chair and automatically recovering function of the backrest mechanism when turning off the machine.